Coffee Break with Emily: Create a Collaborative Student Project

Thinglink Challenge #3: 

Create a Collaborative Student Project

I think this is the challenge that I am excited about the most! This summer, I have been reading a lot of Marzano's work on vocabulary including Vocabulary for the Common Core. I have SO much to share with you about what I have learned through his research, but today I'll just give you a sneak peek. If you are familiar with Marzano's 6 step process for learning new vocabulary, you are going to love this! I have been playing around with different ways to create a digital interactive vocabulary notebook (thanks to the inspiration I got from Tech with Jen), and Thinglink is perfect! With the option of adding multimedia, creating digital interactive vocabulary notebooks on thinglink hits the redefinition level on the SAMR model! Check out this page from my vocabulary notebook by moving your mouse over the picture and touching the little hot spots that appear. 

The two videos under the "Description & Examples" section that have a video camera as the button are movies I created myself using iMovie and Shadow Puppet Edu. I will have students create their own definitions and examples too using tools like this and post them in the "Drawings & Visual Displays" section.  Check out these boards for more 21st century tools to use when creating examples for a digital interactive vocabulary notebook:

There is also a great discussion going on here that connects to this topic: Supporting Writers in the Primary Grades. Join in!

Students can each have their own notebook on their own free Thinglink EDU account, or everyone can collaborate on one page, like the one above, by changing the settings to "anyone" can edit. Thinglink allows you to create channels to group topics together. I created a "vocabulary notebook" channel to organize all of my vocabulary pages into a digital interactive vocabulary notebook. I can also embed my Thinglink channel into a website to share as a slide show so others can see it. You can reorder the pages on the Thinglink channel by using the Thinglink app, so you can reorder the words into ABC order!

I am SO excited about the possibilities for this! Please share how you are using Interactive Notebooks or Vocabulary Notebooks!


  1. I want the set of target learning goals that you show you have on pintrest but I cant find them anywhere.

  2. Hmmm . . . I'm not sure which ones you mean. Can you tell me more about which ones you are talking about?

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