Coffee Break with Emily: My Digital Self

Welcome to my new blog series called Coffee Breaks with Emily! Two years ago, I moved out of the classroom and began teaching technology to students and teachers. I love technology because there is always something new to learn! Technology allows even our youngest students to access higher level thinking, interact with new information, and create. The best part is, with technology you can learn something new in the time it takes you to drink a cup of coffee. So take your coffee break with me, whether it's 11:00 at night, or Sunday morning while you're still in your pjs. You just might learn about a new tech tool, a new way to use it, or get inspiration for integrating more tech into your classroom.

Thinglink Summer Challenge 2015: 

Challenge #1 My Digital Self

This summer I joined the Thinglink Summer Challenge 2015. It's a free, self-paced PD opportunity that helps you learn more about how you can use Thinglink in the classroom. I've been using Thinglink for a few years, and it's one of my favorite tools! Thinglink Challenge #1 was to create your digital self. With the help of Canva and Tellagami, here is my digital self. Scroll over the picture and touch the hot spots that link you to interactive media.

These ideas for using "My Digital Self" in the classroom are from Susan Oxnevad's Thinglink Blog:

Classroom Connections and Modifications

  • Take advantage of the teachable moment and combine this activity with an Internet Safety lesson to help students distinguish between personal and private information when sharing on the web.
  • Introduce the activity at the start of the school year in place of a traditional getting to know you activity and encourage students to add tags as they learn, change and grow throughout the year.
  • Create a class channel of student digital selves for use as an introduction to another classroom when collaborating.
  • Adapt the activity to fit into your curriculum and use it throughout the year as a place for students to showcase their growth and progress in a particular area.
  • Ask students to create a channel of their own to track their progress towards specific goals, adding tags to highlight accomplishments throughout the year.
How might you use it in the classroom?

5 Comic Strip Activities for Writing on the First Day of School published my blog post, 5 Comic Strip Activities for Writing on the First Day of School. That should give you some ideas for integrating tech as you plan to go back to school. Be sure to check it out!

If you aren't part of the graphite community yet, what are you waiting for? It's an awesome PLN for teachers that focuses on the best ways to integrate technology into the classroom. There are lessons and reviews done BY teachers, which is where I always start when checking out a new tech tool. This blog post shares more information about graphite (near the bottom).

If you don't know where to start, you can follow me on graphite! You will see lesson plans I've posted that integrate technology (and if you backward plan, you'll love using lesson flows!); in fact, 2 of my lesson plans are featured on graphite right now! You can also see tech reviews and ideas for how to use them in the classroom. Let's connect on graphite!


I Moved!

Thank you for joining me at my new address! I decided it was time to have everything in the same place, so it was time to move. Please sign up to follow my blog here. This blog will be undergoing construction as I get settled into my new place and move the content from my old site to this one,, but you won't want to miss anything! I'm starting a new series called Coffee Breaks with Emily, and you won't want to miss these great tips for integrating tech into the classroom! Thanks for bearing with me through the construction!