Coffee Break with Emily: Animated Valentines

Here is a fun & easy way to use technology to create an animated valentine! (Starring my son!)

1. Take a photo or video that you would like to turn into a valentine.
2. Using the app vimo, you can add a theme. I choose hearts.

3. Then I choose to add a label and typed "Happy Valentine's Day."

4. Last I added some music from my iTunes library. (It's my son's favorite song!)

That's it! Now you have a super cute animated valentine to share with family or send to a teacher! I saved it to the camera roll and uploaded it to my google drive.  From there it is easy to share. You could even make it a QR code and put it inside a Valentine card. This idea was inspired from The Techie Teacher in her blog post Make a New Year's Resolution GIF on the iPad. She has some great ideas and suggests using this app.

This could be a great academic tool as well. It can be used in a digital interactive notebook to highlight important information. For example, students could create a nonfiction text feature notebook and identify text features.

You can also have students use this app to create a "How to" story and highlight important steps. I have some "how to" interactive digital notebook pages that you can find in this blog post How to Use Our Class iPads & Chromebooks.
How could you use this app? Please share your ideas below! Have fun!

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