CCSS Writing Rubrics K - 5

There are many layers to writing. Students have to come up with a good idea, develop it, develop the characters, organize it, not to mention spelling, grammar, and punctuation. All of these writing elements are outlined in the Common Core State Standards, but keeping a record of it all can be overwhelming if you don't have a way to organize it, so I've organized the writing standards and 2 language standards that can be used as a rubric, or just a checklist for a body of evidence. 
There are 3 or 4 writing genres each K - 5, which are color-coded on the rubric. This is an example of the 3rd grade rubric. You can choose a genre of writing to grade and you can even grade that piece of writing on language standards 1 and 2.
Here is an example of a piece of narrative writing that I graded.  I scored the narrative elements on a 4 point rubric. If you follow the red color down to the grammar and usage section, I checked off the language & production elements that I saw in this story (I left the name off of the paper for confidentiality). If the language or production standard was not present at all, I left it blank. If there were mistakes, I gave it a minus or check-minus. Then I made notes on the back:

Now I can address the specific issues that this student struggled with, such as capitalizing the "i" or using apostrophe's in contractions, so that I can see if it improves over time and transfers to other genres. This form can be used as a rubric and it also helps me document all of the elements of opinion writing, narrative writing, informational writing, grammar & usage, and production & distribution over time.
Here is a close up of a few sections:

You can download these rubrics for K - 5 on Teacher Sherpa. Click here!

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