The Ultimate App Smash with Digital Interactive Notebooks

"The purpose of the Interactive Student Notebook is to enable you to be a creative, independent thinker and writer. Interactive notebooks will be used for class notes as well as for other activities in which you will be asked to express your own ideas and process the information presented in class."

The educational world changed forever (at least it did for me!) when the concept of Interactive Notebooks expanded to include digital interactive notebooks. Using book creator on an iPad or google slides on a computer or chrome book, students can include pictures, video, sound, and when we start app smashing, the options are truly limitless because their learning can incorporate any digital tool that will save to the camera roll. By adding a multimedia layer to Interactive Notebooks, there really is no limit to student creativity! 

Here is the ultimate list of tools & examples that you can use to app smash with digital interactive notebooks in the classroom

The example below is a digital interactive notebook that includes a video download from Seasme Street using

A special thanks to Mrs. Beattie's Classroom who made the graphics for the "iPad rules" I used in this book.   

(Created by Ann Feldman #tt4t)

I used Popplet to create directions to add to an interactive poetry notebook. 

BrainPop has some resources to support their videos which you can download and include in an interactive digital notebook.

The following math apps don't save to the camera roll, but you can take a screen shot of them and add them to your digital interactive notebook.
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I hope these ideas and examples help you get started on app smashing with digital interactive notebooks! Stay tuned for the next few posts that will focus on how to create some of these digital interactive notebooks together! 

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